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UV-C and Coronavirus


Disinfection of tools from Sars-Cov-2 Coronavirus

9 ] Are UV-C rays effective in sanitizing masks?

UV-C rays have been successfully tested in laboratories as a method to decontaminate N95 masks exposed to MS2 bacteriophage and influenza virus.

UV-C systems are fast and easy to use compared to other disinfection methods and leave no chemical residues, which pose a risk to all exposed people. Scientific studies – such as the one published in 2015 by the National Institute of Health and the one published by the American Journal of Infection Control in 2018 – confirm the effectiveness of this technology for the disinfection of healthcare devices.

Although the resistance of the masks to UV rays has been tested (they have not being damaged even after 10/20 UV disinfection cycles) it must be remembered that these instruments are designed and built to be used as disposable personal protection systems. We are not able to provide substantial data on the behaviour of all major types and brands of masks due to the unavailability of sufficient devices on the market to perform our internal tests. The situation of extreme necessity, however, makes this common practice among our customers

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