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UV-C and Coronavirus


Disinfection of Surfaces to fight Coronavirus Sars-Cov-2

9 ] Coronavirus Sars-Cov 2: Why disinfect surfaces to fight it?

Environmental contamination plays an important role in disease transmission. Even the latest tests carried out on the resistance of Sars-Cov-2 on various surfaces (steel, copper, cardboard and plastic) suggest to keep a great attention in deep environmental disinfection, in every field, not only in hospitals. New materials and technologies are being introduced in an attempt to reduce the environmental spread of disease transmission. Among the technologies used UV-C, is proved to be one of the most effective tools ever.

10 ] Where can I use disinfection devices?

Several companies manufacture and distribute UV disinfection devices in various configurations. Most are designed to be placed in a specific environment and moved after use. There is also the possibility to install fixed UV devices designed for wall mounting.

11 ] Is it safe to disinfect in the presence of people?

Direct irradiation must be done in absence of people. On the other hand, air purifiers like our UV-FAN systems offer deep disinfection of the air in any kind of healcare environment, keeping the microbial load always under control thanks to an uninterrupted action. A simple, effective and safe system, without any contraindications for personnel

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